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Osho Quotes
Osho Quotes

Get out of your head and get
into your heart. Think less,
Feel more.

If you love a person,
Give them infinite space.

Just look at life with more
Playful eyes. Don’t be serious.
Seriousness becomes like a blindness.
Dont pretend to be a thinker,
A philosopher. just simply be a human being.

Osho Quotes:

Osho Quotes

Life in itself has no meaning.
Life is an opportunity to create meaning.

The movement you accept yourself,
You become beautiful.

The real question is not,
Whether life exists after death,
The real question is whether
you are alive before death.

Osho Quotes
Osho Quotes

To avoid pain,
They avoid pleasure.
To avoid death,
They avoid life.

Millions of people are suffering:
They want to be loved but they don’t know,
How to love. and love cannot exist as a monologue;
It is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue.

Every error is an opportunity to learn,
Just do not commit the same mistake,
again and again that is stupidity.

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